• Wedding Ring Invite.

    Wedding Ring Invite.

  • Wedding Sparkles!

    Wedding Sparkles!

Wedding is the beginning of a new life, share the happiness with a grand celebration. Plan your wedding party with classy and elegant wedding invitations from 123Invitations.

  • Let's Grab Some Lunch!

    Let's Grab Some Lunch!

  • Afternoon Tea Party!

    Afternoon Tea Party!

Whether it's a formal or an informal party you're planning for lunch, here's a collection of great lunch party invitations for your guests. Be it for any occasion to have a get together at lunch with friends and family, you'll find an invitation here.

  • Shout It Loud.

    Shout It Loud.

  • Rock On!!!

    Rock On!!!

It's time to party, rock on and sing the night away. Invite your family and friends for the best Karaoke party.

  • Twin Baby Shower Invite!

    Twin Baby Shower Invite!

  •  Stork Baby Shower Invite!

    Stork Baby Shower Invite!

A new born baby fills the life with happiness. celebrate the coming of the baby in grand style. Welcoming a little one is always special. Personalize and send across cute baby shower invitation to make the occasion a special one.

  • Special Sixty!

    Special Sixty!

  • Fab 40!

    Fab 40!

A lady's birthday deserves to be celebrated in style. Invite your loved ones to make it special. Birthdays are always meant for party time. With exclusive invites celebrate a rocking birthday bash.

  • Birthday Cake Party.

    Birthday Cake Party.

  • Snakes & Ladders.

    Snakes & Ladders.

Kids are so much fun! Naughty or nice they always make you smile. So when your kid or a child in your family or friends circle is having a birthday it's always an occasion to celebrate.

  • Golf Theme Birthday Invite.

    Golf Theme Birthday Invite.

  • Old Buck!

    Old Buck!

Go ahead and make your day memorable. Have a blast on your birthday! Exclusive birthday for him invites to make the day special.

  • Awards Night!

    Awards Night!

  • Rustic Dinner Invite!

    Rustic Dinner Invite!

Whether it's a formal or an informal party you're planning, here's a collection of great dinner party invitations for your guests. Graduation, housewarming or just a get together with friends, you'll find an invitation for every occasion right here.

  • Fab 40th Birthday!

    Fab 40th Birthday!

  • Special 60th Birthday!

    Special 60th Birthday!

Birthdays are something each one of us always look forward to. From the 1st Birthday to turning 21, to the fabulous 50th it all brings a special zeal of excitement in each of us. Celebrate the happiest of these special days with your friends and family. Invite them as you reach the milestone. It feels awesome to cut a 60th birthday cake.

  • Glittery Anniversary Celebration!

    Glittery Anniversary Celebration!

  • Floral Invite...

    Floral Invite...

Anniversary means another way of togetherness and love for the memory books. Be it a wedding anniversary, milestone anniversary, corporate anniversary or love anniversary, a special anniversary party will always make the day special.

  • Come And Enjoy The Poker Night!

    Come And Enjoy The Poker Night!

  • Feeling Lucky? Take A Chance And Join Us!

    Feeling Lucky? Take A Chance And Join Us!

It's a deal! Time for the game night. Invite your friends for fun at the poker table. It will surely be a full house.

  • Bubbles And Fizz Invite!

    Bubbles And Fizz Invite!

  • Classy Cocktail Invite.

    Classy Cocktail Invite.

It's cocktail night. Invite your family and friends for a party full of cocktails. We have a cool collection of club invites for you to pick. Send them across and go have a blast!

  • We're Engaged...

    We're Engaged...

  • Two Hearts Decide To Be One...

    Two Hearts Decide To Be One...

It's wonderful to be engaged with the love of your life. Life encounters many, but it's the one special someone that leaves a mark on your mind and heart. Cool and elegant engagement party invitations from 123Invitations.

  • Cheer Up!!!

    Cheer Up!!!

  • Big Game Party!!!

    Big Game Party!!!

Baseball, golf or basketball, no matter which game fascinates you and your buddies the most, we have a collection of all in our cool invitations. Go ahead and create a watch the game invitation to cheer for the sport.

  • Let's Play...

    Let's Play...

  • Beach Party...

    Beach Party...

The summer is here. Put on your summer clothes and plan a Beach Party for your loved one. Enjoy the season with beach parties and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

  • Glitz and Glam!

    Glitz and Glam!

  • She Said Yes!

    She Said Yes!

A happy heart that's hard to hide, the woman is soon to be a bride. It's the occasion of joy in anticipation to celebrate her wedding. So make a joyous bridal shower with cool 123Invitations.

  • Muffins And Wine.

    Muffins And Wine.

  • Brunch Together...

    Brunch Together...

It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch. But then it's a Brunch with friends and loved ones. Plan a rocking treat with dazzling Brunch invitations.

  • Garage Sale!

    Garage Sale!

  • Grand Opening!

    Grand Opening!

It's time to celebrate at work. Networking, gala dinner and much more. Invite all those who have been a part of your professional life. Send invites for professional events.

  • Family First...

    Family First...

  • Family reunites!

    Family reunites!

You did everything together: lunch, studying, dinner and then socializing. It's time once more to reunite with your classmates with these rocking reunion invitations.

  • Classic Girls' Night Invite!

    Classic Girls' Night Invite!

  • Girls' Night In!

    Girls' Night In!

Chat and mingle, laugh and celebrate. It’s a Girls' night! Host a Girls' night party and invite all the pretty girls with our Girls' Night free party invitation cards.

  • Warm Welcome!

    Warm Welcome!

  • Dropped Anchor...

    Dropped Anchor...

A different address, the keys are new, but our doors are always open to family and friends like you! Choose an invite from our cool and elegant collection for your guests and host a perfect Housewarming celebration to remember. Send housewarming invitations to your loved ones.

  • Picnic and Party Invite!

    Picnic and Party Invite!

  • Annual Picnic!

    Annual Picnic!

A Picnic get-together with your family and friends to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Out of your busy schedule take some time out to plan a picnic to spend some good time with all your close ones.

  • Bachelor Party Fun...

    Bachelor Party Fun...

  • Stag Party!

    Stag Party!

It's when you get ready to rumble. Wish to go dancing or disc hopping with friends and dear ones? Plan it with some rocking bachelor party invites.

  • Fancy Party Invite!

    Fancy Party Invite!

  • She Is Taken!!!

    She Is Taken!!!

Ladies night out! Invite someone to go dancing or disc hopping with you with rocking invites.

  • Bonfire and S'mores…

    Bonfire and S'mores…

  • It's Camping Time!!!

    It's Camping Time!!!

It is time to go out and explore. Get away from your routine life and wander to the beauty of nature with some adventurous and amazing experiences with your loved ones. Send outdoor fun invites to your friends and family.

  • Fun In The Sun!!!

    Fun In The Sun!!!

  • Dive In...

    Dive In...

Put on your swimsuits to enjoy the Pool Parties this season with classy cocktails. Plan your Pool Party and invite all your loved ones for your celebration and enjoy the moment.

  • You Have Been Drafted For The Party.

    You Have Been Drafted For The Party.

  • Come And Join All Your Crazy Friends.

    Come And Join All Your Crazy Friends.

It's on! The grill is fired up with lots of fun. Invite your friends to a Tailgate party before the big game. Call them over to cheer for the favourite team.

  • BBQ Invitation!

    BBQ Invitation!

  • Join Us For BBQ!

    Join Us For BBQ!

A backyard BBQ party with cocktails to enjoy the moments with your special ones. Reach out to your family and friends with beautiful BBQ invitation cards and invite them to your grand BBQ party.

  • Invites For The Big Day...

    Invites For The Big Day...

  • Graduation Party Invite.

    Graduation Party Invite.

It's Graduation! Time to celebrate your achievement and marks the beginning of an amazing journey of life. Toss your caps in the air with your friends to say 'We did it'. Send Graduation invites to your loved ones.

  • Birthday Games!

    Birthday Games!

  • Come And Have A Ball!

    Come And Have A Ball!

Planning a fun kids games party? Indoor games, outdoor adventures, group activities or online games, take your pick from our collection of fun and cute kids party invitations

  • Simple And Elegant Invite!

    Simple And Elegant Invite!

  • Classy Save The Date Invite...

    Classy Save The Date Invite...

Keep your close ones informed about the special moment in your life. Be it a wedding announcement or any other special day, send these trendy save the date cards to your guests.

  • Good Bye Party Invite!

    Good Bye Party Invite!

  • Exclusive Retirement Invite!

    Exclusive Retirement Invite!

Plan a special send off party for your friend or colleague. A Farewell party or a Retirement party, send invitations to one and all to make the moment memorable.


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